How often should you be carrying out Fixed Wire Testing?

How often should you be carrying our Electrical Fixed Wire Testing? See our guide below.

Fixed Wire Testing Intervals

Keeping track of when fixed wire testing is due is essential, along with subsequent remedial works. This helps you to ensure fixed wire testing is complete on time. It will also stop any confusion when it comes to your building insurance.

Fixed Wire Testing is due on a regular basis, as electrical installations deteriorate. Deterioration can occur due to general wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading as well as other unavoidable influences.

Dependent on the type of establishment, test frequencies can vary.

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational facilities every five years.
  • Buildings that serve the industrial sector every three years.
  • Commercial and Retail premises every five years.
  • Leisure facilities, as well as cinemas and theatres, are tested every three years
  • Swimming pools are tested once a year.
  • Construction sites every six months.
  • Petrol stations every three years.
  • Marinas once every year.
  • Laboratories every five years.

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