Fixed Wire Testing / Electrical Installation / EICR Periodic Testing determines if your electrical installation is safe and compliant with current Electricity at Work Regulations.

Depending on what your business is, it is usually between 1-5 years with some exceptions. The EICR validity times are as follows for several business types:

Commercial/Retail – 5 years

Industrial – 3 years

Hospitals with Theatre – 1 year

Leisure – 1 year

Construction – 3 months

Education – 5 years

Cinema/Theatre – 1 year

A regular visual inspection should be carried out in all electrical installations. A visual inspection of this type does not necessarily need to be carried out by an electrician, but it should reveal any areas which are obviously in need of attention.

A visual inspection should look for:

  • breakages
  • wear & deterioration
  • signs of over heating
  • missing parts (covers, screws) and loose fixings
  • switchgear accessibility (no obstructions) and doors of enclosures are secure

It should also check the operation of:

  • equipment – switch on & off where equipment is not in regular use or where it is left off or on standby for long periods 
  • residual current devices using test button.(It is recommended that, independent of any other inspection and test regime, residual current devices undergo a push-button test at least twice per year to ensure that they operate correctly when needed).

These routine checks need not to be carried out by an electrically skilled person but should be done by someone who is able to safely use the installation and recognise any obvious defects.

Yes, we do. Our engineers work from 6am – 10pm Monday to Friday, forming our normal hours services. Our out of hours services fall at any point from 10pm – 6am 7 days a week.

A Portable Appliance is a movable appliance which connects to a power supply by a plug and socket.

PAT Testing is usually carried out once every twelve months.

Remedial services will address any issues highlighted in your testing, and are categorised as the following:

C1 – ‘Danger Present’. Risk of injury.
Immediate remedial action required.

C2 – ‘Potentially Dangerous’

C3 – ‘Improvement Recommended’

FI – ‘Further investigation required without delay’.

Quantec are able to carry out Remedial Works following testing and inspection.

Under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, employers have a “legal responsibility to protect those working or using their premises”. Failure to identify and effectively minimise risks with your electrical systems, can lead to unnecessary costs, serious disruption and even injury.

Fixed Wire / Periodic Testing will determine if your electrical installation is safe and compliant with current Electricity at Work Regulations.

Fixed Wire Testing should be carried out between three and five year intervals depending on your establishment type.

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MyDocs is a free-to-all-clients system developed to make the viewing of your reports as quick and easy as possible.

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You can also see when future tests are due via a simple traffic light system and book in relevant works accordingly.

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