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Our dynamic reporting system offers our clients unrivalled electrical testing detail.

Our bespoke system is based on what our clients want. Every stage of its development has been informed and guided by customer feedback ensuring that the quality of the information we provide to them, is second to none. We are able to track every element of the testing process and verify accuracy. It provides our clients with comprehensive information from enquiry to completion.

Quantec are the ONLY company to offer a fully bespoke electronic reporting system. Our report format has become renowned in our industry as a superior product, that offers enhanced information over and above any of our competitors.

Key features

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    Not just standard documentation

    In addition to standard documentation, you can expect to be provided with a working record of all your testing, as well as schematic drawings and thorough detail of any non-compliance issues. All of this will be updated as remedial works are completed.

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    Well formatted reports

    Reports are well formatted and readable. Every system entry is validated to ensure that your reports are technically accurate.

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    Simple & secure login

    You will access the system via our simple login portal, where you will be presented with all of your documents. We ensure our clients’ confidentiality with secure and encrypted storage.

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    Upload your entire compliance documentation

    Our secure document storage facility is not only available for our documents. Should you choose to, you are able to upload other building certifications, regulatory or compliance documentation. Thereby assisting you in keeping a central record for auditors, insurers and inspectors. This service is free to all of our clients.

We have invested into a bespoke system which has been built based on what our clients want.