Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

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What is a Portable Appliance?

A Portable Appliance is a moveable appliance which connects to a power supply by a plug and socket.

What are your responsibilities?

The Electricity at Work Regulations place a legal responsibility on employers to take practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of any electrical appliances. This requires a programme of regular electrical maintenance, inspection and testing.
Leading electrical associations recommend that portable appliances are tested on an annual basis, to minimise the risk of accident and fire.

Quantec Portable Appliance Testing

Our fully qualified Engineers will test all of your portable appliances, ensuring compliance with all codes of practice and testing standards. Many of the typical problems identified in testing are solved immediately by our engineers. For example, re-termination of plug top cables and replacement of standard fuses.

Using our cutting edge technology and bespoke software, the test results are sent to our offices, where your reports are compiled and made available to you.

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Our reports include:

  • A record of every asset tested
  • Full test results
  • Details of failed items
  • Testing certificate
  • Minor repairs

Included in the service is re-termination of the plug top cables, replacement of damaged standard plug tops and fuses as necessary.

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“We really appreciate Quantec’s effort and flexibility when working around the routines and limitations of our building.”